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Beagle Puppies

Beagle Puppies
Beagle's should be merry little hounds.  They are great family dogs.  Very loveable.



If you're interested in a Beagle puppy, please fill out the following application and emal it back to me at

Puppy Application Beagle

Please fill this out and email it back to me with your NAME and Pet or Show Male or female in the subject line:

Example: John Smith, Pet, Male

Full Name:


Address (incl. town and state):

What sex do you prefer? no preference

Are you looking for a show or pet beagle?

Please tell me about yourself, your family and ages of any children in the home.


What is your house/yard/fencing like?

Do you own or rent, and if you rent, do you have permission of the landlord to have a dog?

Please include landlord’s contact info for me to verify.

Have you ever had a dog before and if so, what happened to it?

What do you know specifically about beagles & why have you determined that a beagle is right for you?

Who will be responsible for the care of the beagle?

Where will the beagle spend its days and sleep at night? How many hours will the beagle spend alone each day?

What will you do about training and exercise?


What other pets are in the home (breed/age/sex)?

Does everyone in the family want a beagle and will everyone be committed to this dog, whose life expectancy is 12-15 years, and possibly longer?

If there is a body of water (pool, fish pond, hot tub, etc), what precautions have been taken to avoid accidental drowning of the beagle?

Our beagles are accustomed to a crate. Will you continue to use crating at home? If no, why not?
We will NOT allow a dog to leave in your vehicle without being properly crated.

Do you understand that you're required to spay/neuter your pet beagle, preferably between 12 and 14 months of age?

Lisa M. Hoffman

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