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Ridgeback Puppies

If you are interested in a Puppy, please copy and paste the Puppy Application in an email and send to    I will get back to you as soon as I review the application.

Please fill this out and email it back to me with your NAME and Pet or Show Male or female in the subject line:

Example: John Smith, Pet, Male

Full Name:


Address (incl. town and state):

 What sex do you prefer?

Are you looking for a show or pet Ridgeback?

Please tell me about yourself, your family and ages of any children in the home.

 What is your house/yard/fencing like?

 Do you own or rent, and if you rent, do you have permission of the landlord to have a dog?

 Please include landlord’s contact info for me to verify.

 Have you ever had a large dog before and if so, what happened to it?

 What do you know specifically about Ridgebacks & why have you determined that a Ridgeback is right for you?

 Who will be responsible for the care of the Ridgeback?

 Where will the Ridgeback spend its days and sleep at night? How many hours will the Ridgeback spend alone each day?

What will you do about training and exercise?

 What other pets are in the home (breed/age/sex)?

Does everyone in the family want a Ridgeback and will everyone be committed to this dog, whose life expectancy is 13 years?

Our Ridgebacks are accustomed to a crate. Will you continue to use crating at home? If no, why not? 

Thank you for your interest in my dogs.





   Are your dogs  expensive?

The care and dedication that has gone into the breeding and raising of a County Line puppy is reflected in the price. Showing a dog to it's Championship to prove it's quality can cost thousands. Breeding to a Top Winning dog can cost thousands depending on whether you send the dam to be bred, do artificial insemination or an implant.  Hobby breeders like myself keep their puppies until they are at least 8 weeks old (and sometimes several months longer than that) to make sure they have a good start as well as to evaluate their potential for show. Add to that health screenings such as Hips, Elbows, Eyes, Thyroid & Heart, veterinary care for the dam and her puppies, top quality food, vaccinations, wormings,  and the average hobby breeder is lucky to break even on a litter. If the cost of a good quality purebred dog is beyond your budget, then you may need to re-think your dog ownership plans. Perhaps rescuing an adult that is already spayed or neutered and is fully vaccinated is a more realistic plan for you. The price that you pay for a puppy is minimal compared to raising, owning, & veterinary care for the life of the dog.


So you think you would like a Rhodesian Ridgeback?
Have you researched the breed to see if they will fit into your lifestyle. 
You can find more information about The Rhodesian Ridgeback at

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