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What started as wanting a ridgeback as a pet, has developed into a lifelong passion. The Ridgeback is an Upstanding and athletic dog, capable of great endurance with a fair (good) amount of speed. Of even, dignified temperament, the Ridgeback is devoted and affectionate to his master, reserved with strangers. The peculiarity of this breed is the ridge on the back. The ridge must be regarded as the characteristic feature of the breed.

So you think you would like a Rhodesian Ridgeback? Have you researched the breed to see if they will fit into your lifestyle.  
You can find more information about the Rhodesian Ridgeback at and Please visit our Puppy Questionnaire if you are interested in being owned by a County Line ridgeback.

Below are the ridgebacks of County Line. They are not for sale, but help produce the puppies for our families.

Click here for a list of Champions produced by County Line Ridgebacks.


Champions Bred By County Line

Ch. County Line's Alexander the Great

Ch. County Line's Black Tie Affair

Ch. County Line's Rose, CD,SC,NA

Ch. County Line's Bennington

Ch. County Line's Dakota Gold, ROM

Ch. County Line's Kua La Bear, JC

DC County Line's Lady Godiva

Ch. County Line's Pride & Joy

Ch. County Line's Ringmaster, JC

DC County Line's Rockin Robin

Ch. County Line's Thyme for Change

DC County Line's Total Knockout, SC

Ch. County Line's Whirlaway Girl

Ch. County Line's Dream Weaver

FC County Line's Princess Nala, MC

Ch. County Lines Sir Ruffles

DC County Line's I Like it Like That, MC

Ch. Countyline Simba by Revodana

Ch. County Line Talisman of Asatira

DC County Line's Destine to Rule, Fch

Ch. County Line's Pandora of Tajamani

Ch. County Line's Queen of Hearts

Ch. County Line's Kua La Bear

Ch. County Line's Bewitched

Ch. County Line's The Brown Bomber

Ch. County Line's Babyface Assassin

Ch. County Line's Million Dollar Baby

Champions Sired By County Line

Ch. Blueridge Rebel Yell, SC
Ch. Fantasia Red Storm
Ch. Whirlaway's Leaving Montserratt, JC
Ch. Whirlaway's Majestic Red

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