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A Day in a Life of a Breeder 
You are coming to me for a Puppy because of my reputation in the Breed. 35 years Experience, A Breeder of Merit, A Judge, Owner, Handler, Show Trainer. So I have extensive experience in the breed and work very hard every day, breeding, training, caring for adult dogs and caring for the Mom with the Puppies. 

Let me give you some understanding of what goes on. Mom goes into Labor, she will be in labor for 12 hours, most times they start pushing puppies out in the middle of the night. So we are up all night whelping the puppies. Afterwards, Mom and me are exhausted. We now have to make sure that everyone is nursing and gains weight. Take care of the Mom so she is ok. Meanwhile, wash linens constantly to make sure that everything is clean for Mom and puppies. Also, take care of older dogs, feed, clean bedding, exercise, etc. Week 3, their eyes are opening, they are moving around, try to make a mush for them to eat, once again clean linens and area, etc. Cut their nails once a week, Worm them once a week for intestinal worms. Week 4-5 puppies are now onto food so all they do is poop and pee, so if there is 12 puppies that is a lot to clean up. They eat 4 times a day, so a lot of preparing food and then cleaning up. Meanwhile, at this stage I have no idea who they are or what they are so I can’t tell you which puppy you will get and send you pictures. 

Week 6-8 is when they start to look like puppies and start interacting with each other. During this time, I will be watching their interactions with each other and with me to see their temperament, structure and movement for show potential puppies. All the while, I am taking care of the older dogs, speaking with potential puppy buyers to find the right homes for my puppies. Then I have to prepare Puppy packets, give them their first shot, order collars and leashes and food packets. I also show my dogs, so depending on the show schedule, I am preparing the show dogs to show, bath, nails, load the car, make bait etc. I think you get the idea now. So if you want one of my gorgeous puppies, patience is going to be the key. Now that you understand you will understand that it is more pressure for me when you are asking for pictures etc. They don’t look like anything until 6-7 weeks. All of the work that I do is preparing that Puppy so when you pick up that puppy, he is socialized, clean, healthy and ready for your family. I ask that you treat the process with respect and understanding and you will get a great puppy!  

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