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Some  FAQ's Below:

Why do your dogss cost more?
Can we come to visit?
Puppy Picking Procedure?
Why do you require Pet Health Insurance?
Do you ship puppies?

Answer: Our dogss do cost a little more in the beginning.  We are not breeding to produce pets for the pet market but, we are breeding to maintain and improve the breed.  The cost of raising a litter has risen significantly in the last few years.  More genetic testing is available to us and the cost of veterinary care has also risen.  While a breeder who has 1 or 2 dogs can slide by breeding a litter and maybe make a few dollars, a breeder who is committed to their breed, and who travels to dog shows and has a "breeding program" with many dogs spends much more getting a litter on the ground.  We do not use the stud dog next door. Most of the time we send our bitches across the country to a top dog who is proven to produce and is healthy.  While you can buy a puppy for much less money you will find in the long run the health problems and temperament issues you will have will cost you thousands more than what you pay for the initial puppy from a reputable breeder.
Dog shows are expensive and this is where we compare our purebred dogs with other purebred dogs to determine their quality.  Those who don't exhibit their dogs yet are still breeding are not doing their best for the breed.  Even though you don't want a show dog a puppy from a show breeder will likely be healthier, have a more rounded temperament and will have been raised with tender loving care.  Puppies from show breeders are our next generation and we know this and we stand behind them.
Many times we might have an older puppy which we have kept to watch grow for a while.  If your budget doesn't allow for a young puppy perhaps an older puppy or adult will make a good fit.  Please let us know what you are looking for.

Kennel Visits:
  As far as "kennel visits" we don't do those because we don't have a kennel per se. I am a very small, specific type of  breeder and my "kennel" is my home. My dogs are my pets and also my show dogs careful planing goes into breeding litters and a few special litters of puppies a year. We are a very active family. . I probably get about three "Can we come to see the visit?" requests a week and for our sake and the dogs sakes we have to say no unless we are actively working with a family that is definitely purchasing a puppy from us. Our puppies are raised in the house, live in the house, and I try to keep visitors to a minimum as we are so busy. I hope you understand. When we have a particular puppy available we schedule a visit at 4-6weeks of age and then a pickup date at approx: 8 weeks of age.

Puppy Picking Procedure:
  First and foremost I have to try to keep the puppies that will be best for show and breeding for the future of the bloodline and the breed. Then with the puppy families, I try to pick a puppy for a family that best fits the families lifestyle. For example, if one of my families has a 3 yr. old I will want to try to place the least feisty puppy with them, sometimes the differences in the temperaments of young pups can be very subtle but I usually have an idea of their basic personality and the Alpha's and Omegas and so forth. Alpha's make the better show dogs and Omegas tend to be more submissive and less challenging for the average pet owner.

  To guarantee that you can afford the best veterinary care for your County Line Puppy I require you to commit to signing up for the free complimentary month of Trupanion Pet Health Insurance that is offered with your puppy. I do not get any incentive for urging you to partake of this offer other than peace of mind that your puppy is covered, which is the best incentive of all.
  Trupanion Pet Health Insurance covers so many common conditions that it can easily pay for itself in one vet visit. I pay the same price for the same deductible as you/my puppy clients do and I have three puppies that I own signed up at this time.  I do my best to provide you with a healthy, well-bred puppy from genetically tested breeding stock but no-one can guarantee the perfect health or safety of any living creatures. If you are not comfortable with providing your County Line Puppy with insurance ( under $100 per pup per month! ) then I am not comfortable sending a puppy home with you.

A $500.00 deposit is required and is non-refundable.  Sometimes there are extenuating circumstances and those circumstances will be looked at on a case by case basis.


Do you ship puppies?
Answer:  No. There is a Pet Transporter that is available for an additional charge.

Best Regards,

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